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Blepharoplasty is a procedure with a high facial aesthetic benefit, as the signs of aging do not give rise and are manifested with annoying bags drooping in the eyes, both in the upper and lower eyelids with the known formation of dark circles, making the look grows old looking like a face with tiredness and / or illness.


 These bags appear for various reasons, either due to poor diet, absence of sleep, not sleeping at least 6 hours a day, lack of rest, fluid retention, hereditary reasons and in most cases due to fat accumulation. These bags generate excess skin making the patient look esthetically exhausted.

This procedure consists in eliminating them radically since the creams are not effectively tested to disappear them. After consultation with the surgeon, due process will be carried out. Each patient is a different individual situation



Like any surgical operation, this is done in our operating room, depending on each case the anesthesia application is local or general.


After your procedure you should use some type of ointment and eye drops. Normally open some discomfort producing a small inflammation and bruises. For this, your surgeon will formulate corresponding medications. Applying cold compresses helps early recovery. During the first weeks the eyes will water, the vision will be a little blurred and you will feel itching in the eyes. Being normal symptoms of recovery. No need to worry. The incorporation into working life is usually from one week. You must wear a hat or hat to avoid the sun directly on your face. The use of glasses will be after 15 days.

The scar is a line almost imperceptible to the naked eye.

› The diet must be soft and liquid.

› It is advisable to avoid intense physical efforts during the first 10-15 days in order to inflame the area.

› Sleep with your face up, in this way the area of ​​the intervention will not be altered, especially in the first days.

› Comply with the schedule of medications prescribed by the surgeon.


The procedure usually lasts between 1 and 3 hours since in some cases only the upper or lower eyelids are operated or both at the same time.

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