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“We restored your old metal crowns with the latest porcelain crowns, looking as natural as your other teeth.”


The tooth is divided into three large areas: crown, neck and root.

The crown is the part visible in the mouth.

The neck is the narrowest part.

And the root is all that is seen in the bone of the maxilla, covered on the outside by the gum.

If the crown is damaged, it can be restored with white vacuum and / or porcelain. But when the destruction is very serious, either by one or several cavities or by fracture, the solution is to make a totally new crown and the best is porcelain


The dental piece by means of a crown, must be recessed, that is to say, carved, sculpted in height of 2.5 to 3mm. And all around.

Depending on the size or shape of the piece, it will be represented between 0.8 mm in the neck of the tooth flush with the gum and 2.2 mm in the body of the piece. With an average 1.5mm. all around. While it is carving, the defective enamel, cavities, spots, filtered fillings etc. are eliminated.

If the cavities are very deep, the gaps will be filled with adhered composite paste.

The carving is done with anesthesia, it is painless. When the anesthesia is gone, the tooth will not have pain at all.

The Crown is held in place by adjustment, friction and cementation, and in some cases also adhesion.


› Brush your teeth 3 times a day and use dental floss.

› Control the consumption of hard foods, not eliminate them but control them. 

› After your treatment you should wait at least 3 hours to bite strong foods. 

› With our technique you can drink coffee since the color will not change. 

› Avoid chewing gum or chewing gum for at least the first two days.

› You will not have a medical disability.

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