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“This is a surgical technique that radically and satisfactorily improves the appearance of your abdomen by removing excessive tissue in the area.”


This procedure is ideal for people who have undergone very drastic weight loss, diet, pregnancy and for weight gain and loss resulting in hanging skin. This procedure will help your skin look more toned, since the doctor will eliminate the loose skin that is left over. It is a method in which the flaccid skin is removed, the abdomen is stretched, the muscles of this area are reaffirmed and the waist is molded.


The surgery is performed under general or regional anesthesia, it is ambulatory our medical expert will make an incision horizontally in your entire area of ​​the pubis up to the line of your hips, it should be clarified that the size of the incision will depend on the amount of skin that the Dr. you have to eliminate. the incision is a little under your abdomen so that when the scar heals is not visible and you can hide it with your underwear. When leaving all the skin left over the doctor will make a new belly button leaving your abdomen free of stretch marks and hanging skin.


The recovery process is not so painful, you should use a belt in the abdomen that will be tightening the area a little, it is important that you do not take it off as it is a key part for your recovery and for the results to be as the doctor and you wait for it.

You must take the prescribed antibiotic and analgesic medications for 7 days. The diet of non-greasy foods, irritating and packaged foods should be no less than 15 days after surgery.

The drains should be handled as follows:

the syringes are empty.

Do not introduce air.

Do not withdraw.

Unoccupy when the secretion or fluid is between 2 or 3cc or according to the form Indicated by the doctor.

The girdle should be worn during the first month all day and all night.

Do not use hot creams, thermal bands, or tight pants.

Do not wear tight underwear between girdle and skin.

Do not make efforts such as lifting heavy objects, wearing heels, or sitting for more than an hour.

Any redness, enlargement of the scar, enhancement of the scar or alterations in healing tell us immediately.

It is normal that there is constipation.

Use creams to heal when the doctor has authorized it.


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