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“Liposculpture is the perfect technique to eliminate excess body fat and reshape the figure quickly, safely, perfectly and with permanent results.”



We all dream of the perfect body and the surgeons at Lux International Vacation Surgery are here to fulfill our wishes. From the best touches on our face to improve the appearance and make us lose weight in a simple surgery. The dream of the perfect body is possible.


This procedure removes those areas with fat cells through suction. With liposuction the surgeon removes large amounts of fat from the body, especially in areas that accumulate a lot of fat cells such as the legs, thighs, buttocks, back, abdomen and even arms. The main objective of liposuction performed by our expert surgeons is to eliminate the adhered fat between the muscle and the skin, resulting in the definition of body contour. This excellent procedure is ideal for the skin to adhere to the body, eliminating the flaccidity caused by factors of overweight, pregnancy and sedentary lifestyle. For our surgical liposculpture we incorporate the latest techniques to optimize results. Our surgeons have extensive experience and international acceptance.

Liposculpture is an aesthetic surgical procedure that by purpose sculpts the body, in an attractive and stylized way. Liposculpture is a procedure to model the body eliminating those areas of fat that neither diets nor exercise can be eliminated.


This procedure consists in shaping the silhouette by eliminating localized fat deposits, giving a rounded and curved shape to the woman and, on the contrary, in the case of man. This procedure depending on each patient, may be performed with local or general anesthesia. But it is much more comfortable and safe when performed with general anesthesia. The surgeon performs this spectacular procedure by means of small millimeter incisions in different areas of the body, introduces the cannula connected to the high technology equipment in aspiration, taking charge of removing the fat to shape each zone. The fat that is extracted, in some cases is used for lipoinjection after going through a sterile device that can be injected in areas such as the buttocks, face and hands.


The main objectives with this excellent procedure are: Molded: Go from having a square or pear-shaped hip to a more symmetrical one, achieving harmony and optical length in the legs. Loss of volume: significantly reducing thigh, waist, back and hip extracting accumulations of fat. Weight loss: The elimination of fat is called weight loss. After liposuction, the skin adapts to the new structure of the body through our post-operative massages with the application of latest technology techniques. With the innovative technique used in our liposculpture we will not only eliminate the fat from the area we want to treat, but also eliminate the cells responsible for accumulating them, permanently reducing the place where they live.

So, if in the future you go back to gain weight, this zone already treated will not accumulate fat again. Great, right?

It is important to follow all the surgeon’s recommendations for the pre- and post-operative process, as this will determine the quality of the results.


No, it is not, in general it is a very simple procedure due to the technology that we use and it is also quick, there is no rejection by the patient and their postoperative care is minimal.


The recovery is very fast, in a period of approximately 48 hours, you can join some of your daily activities. The results of before and after your liposculpture you will notice them from the first time you look in the mirror. The final result will be between 3 and 6 months.

The Liposculpture performed by our certified and experienced surgeons is a safe surgical procedure, which achieves a super important change in your body image producing great satisfaction and safety in your life.

• It is advisable to avoid intense physical efforts during the first 10-15 days in order to inflame the area.

• Comply with the schedule of medications prescribed by the surgeon.

• Place ice packs wrapped in a towel

• You must use a special girdle for a period of not less than 3 months.

• The Post-operative Massages will be one day in between until completing 10.


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