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This surgery modifies the shape of the nose depending on the taste of each patient. This may be to increase, decrease or change the structure of the nose at both the tip and the back. It also corrects traumatisms, congenital and respiratory problems.

Every patient who comes with our medical surgeons experts to perform rhinoplasty, seeks harmony that is not found in his face. Our doctors are highly qualified to make your dream come true.

We know that in most cases the lack of harmony leads people to live with some type of complex, directly affecting their self-esteem, preventing them from living a normal life and even suffering from anxiety and / or depression. The main objective of our surgeon is to make a nose that does not look operated, guaranteeing a natural look throughout your face.




Like any surgical operation, this is done in our operating room, depending on each case the anesthesia application is local or general. There are two types of interventions, closed or classic rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty. In the case of closed, it is done through the holes, without external incisions, only internal. Perfect to correct the hump or easel, but not the nasal tip. It is the most recommended in cases that involve little modification. In the case of open surgery, a small external incision is made in the nasal columelar, with the fleshy tissue that separates both nostrils, popularly known as the septum. In this case the surgeon will work directly on the bones and cartilages of the nose, allowing you to correct the nasal tip, symmetry and other defects. This surgery leaves a small scar, barely noticeable. The surgeon will decide which technique to use depending on what you want to improve.


As with any aesthetic intervention, rhinoplasty should be analyzed by its technique, with post-operative treatment for open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty being different.

After the surgery, you will wake up from the effects of the anesthesia and it is necessary a minimum stay of 3 hours in the clinic, in this way the surgeon can evaluate the most immediate results and above all make sure that there is no adverse reaction. It is probable and normal that during the first 2 or 3 days there will be a blood drip. For this and for reasons of hygiene, a gauze is left as a protection in the area of ​​the nostrils, which should be changed regularly in case of staining. When the bleeding stops, this gauze will be unnecessary.

When your recovery begins, you should wear a cap or hat that will protect you from the sun during the first weeks.

The recovery is quick and painless and can perform almost all tasks normally.

› It is advisable to avoid intense physical efforts during the first 10-15 days in order to inflame the area.

› Sleep with your face up, in this way the area of ​​the intervention will not be altered, especially in the first days.

› Avoid running snot during the first two weeks. To avoid bleeding.

› Comply with the schedule of medications prescribed by the surgeon.

The post operative can be a little uncomfortable but very bearable and most important with 100% satisfactory results


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